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Yes we do. Both auto and kart-wear.
Following your choice of brand, suit and indications regarding desired colours and livery, we prepare a design and quote for your approval following which the suit goes into production.
Nowadays suits can be printed, digitally printed or embroidered. The advantage of print is it is more lightweight (more suited to the lighter suits) and with sharper edge logo definition but may be subject to some degree of wear on contact points, whilst many still prefer traditional embroidery which gives the suit a richer feel and look and may be more suited for durability to certain types of racing (rallying, dirt track etc). Digital print allows for the most creativity but is suitable only on certain materials.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and to evaluate the best solution for your needs.
It is also possible to customize shoes, gloves and underwear.  For all customized or made to measure suits allow 30/40 days for delivery. We can fast track your order but please note some manufacturers ask for an additional fee for this service.


For helmets bought from us we offer a full personalization service. If you already know what you would like please bring as many photos, colour samples and any other info as possible so that we can give you a personalized quote and the delivery time. If instead you would like our painter to help you with any idea or inspiration you may have, we will connect you directly and you can discuss your idea in person. The helmet painters we work with are all professionals who take the utmost care in the preparation and design of your helmet and paint according to Fia standards. On certain models it is possible to order custom coloured interiors. Further information on our Helmet Customization page.


We always carry a range of open face and full face helmet kits and a series of adaptors. Custom moulded transducers are also available. You can visit our Communication page to see what items are available. If you need to interface an existing kit with a new system, please do not hesitate to contact us, but try and provide as many details as you can (send connector pictures if necessary) so we can help you as best possible. If instead you need a full radio system we can put you in touch with our radio engineer who can propose the best option for your needs.
Please note most countries require a radio license to operate.


Since the Fia implemented the use of the Hans®device in F1 in 2003, this safety device has gradually become mandatory in most race categories and has now become a standard part of every driver's safety equipment.

Competition market was one of the first Hans®centers in Europe. We always carry a range of the best Hans devices on the market today and are available to answer any questions you may have.
You can also visit our Hans FAQ page.

For correct use of the Hans device, and the correct placement of the Safety belts, the FIA safety manual must be consulted.
Fia Manual for Hans Use

"FHR" stands for 'Forward Head Restraint' and is the term now used for all protective devices including Hans®and Hybrid systems.
Fia Manual Fia for Hybrid Use


 Since for us security comes foremost, we do not offer safety equipment for rental. We believe our customers deserve safety gear which is 100% compliant with the manufacturers recommendations and specific homologation standards. Unfortunately it is not possible to predict the use or misuse that a safety item night have undergone in the hands of another. This is particularly true of helmets for instance. In the event of an crash, a helmet which has already been impacted, although no visible damage may be seen on the outside, may be severely compromised and unable to withstand a second blow. Only the manufacturer can determine whether a safety item is still safe following an accident. Nowadays the range of prices is wide and a safe item with a good quality/price ratio may only cost a little more than a rental item but with immeasurable difference on your safety.

Regulations & Standards

NB. Any information contained in this website is correct to the best of our knowledge and not intended to substitute the specific recommendations of each manufacturer or of the varying sporting commissions. We suggest to always read the instruction manuals of each product and to verify the updated rules and regulations regarding the homologations required for your specific race, category and country.


Federation Internationale de L’Automobile.
FIA official website. International Rules and Regulations of Motorsport.


Official website of the Italian Auto Sporting Commission.
Rules and Regulations for Motor racing in Italy.


Commission Internationale de Karting Fia.
International Rules and Regulations for Fia Kart racing.