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    On the Ladywear page, finally, a range of products specifically designed for female drivers. Conformed suits, dedicated underwear and models of gloves and shoes with an assortment of sizes starting from the smallest.


    The Kidwear page is entirely dedicated to items available on the Racing and Karting markets for children and teenagers. Shoes starting from size 28, suits from 120 cm, helmets with specific homologation for children under 15 years. Sportswear for children and babies!


    Thanks to the partnership with the historic Libreria dell'Automobile in Milan, at Competition maket you can find the best titles of this renowned publisher dedicated to the world of Motorsport.


    At Competition Market you can find many official mini helmets.  Made in 1: 2 scale  they are the perfect replicas of the real helmets of F1 drivers. They are often produced in limited quantities so we recommend contacting us for real-time availability or to book the latest editions.



    Follow the latest news from the racing world from one of the most prestigious Motorsport newspapers: Autosport Uk - on our 'NEWS' page. Use Chrome for a better view.


Motorsport Links

Kart School for Kids

The Indoor Kart school is a format created by Birel in collaboration with Sabino De Castro. The course is aimed to introduce, with the maximum safety, kids aged five to ten years, to the basics of both the theory and practice of go- karting.

I-Drive Racing Experience

The I-drive personalized track courses offers you a half-day track class with a personalized program to improve and perfect your driving skills. Through learning they will allow you to improve control, precision and sensitivity of a car on the track.

Pure Sport Driving Experience

In addition to single-seater cars, with Puresport you can drive fast Gt cars with very different technical characteristics and performances, but all will get your adrenaline pumping! For Gt driving experiences Puresport relies on brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, the top brands in the world.

Monza Track Days

During the year (mostly November- March) Monza Track Days are held to allow the opportunity for enthusiasts to drive their cars around the circuit. Visit Monza Track's official website for all info.

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Regulations & Standards

NB. Any information contained in this website is correct to the best of our knowledge and not intended to substitute the specific recommendations of each manufacturer or of the varying sporting commissions. We suggest to always read the instruction manuals of each product and to verify the updated rules and regulations regarding the homologations required for your specific race, category and country.


Federation Internationale de L’Automobile.
FIA official website. International Rules and Regulations of Motorsport.


Official website of the Italian Auto Sporting Commission.
Rules and Regulations for Motor racing in Italy.


Commission Internationale de Karting Fia.
International Rules and Regulations for Fia Kart racing.