Helmet Painting & Customization


In partnership with
Max Design 77 we offer you the possibility to customize any helmets purchased from us. 

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Whether you already know what design you want, or if you need some ideas for customization, we will help you find the best 'tuning' for your helmet! For more information, you can write  to us here for personalized quotes or the ongoing helmet & decor promos!


For the Super Helmets series and the Carbon series by Bell it is possible to  order colored interiors with an extra supplement

Waiting time approx. 3/4 weeks.




You can customize your helmet even after purchase thanks to the numerous accessories available. Visors, colored screws, spoilers, etc.

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Accesories Bell
Accessories Arai
Accessories Stilo


For helmets and communication devices purchased from us we offer the audio kit installation service on helmets.


We always have in stock complete audio kits for track and rally helmets, earphones and microphones with lemo, rca or 3.5, standard  connectors. If you need to connect a pre-existing communication kit, contact us for info. You can visit the Communication page for kits, adapters and accessories.

FHR Clips

Colored hans clips are available to customize your helmets.



For some models of car and kart helmets it is possible to replace the internal cheek pads.


The interiors of most auto helmets are not entirely removable so as not to invalidate the homologation, however for some models it is possible to change the cheek pads and the neck roll. Contact us specifying the model, size and year of  homologation to find out about availability.


To keep the helmet interiors at their best, for better durability and hygene, we recommend the use of ozone dryers.


To better preserve the interior of the helmets, we recommend the use of dryers to be used after tests or races. Bactericidal ozone function. Can also be used for shoes and gloves thanks to the supplied accessories.

Helmet Bags

To protect your helmets during transport, we offer a wide range of helmet bags. More models available in store.