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At the moment our E-commerce store  is under construction. However, following your enquiry, we can ship overseas to most countries (certain conditions may apply). Please email us your request via the contact form on this page and visit our Terms of Sale page for further details.

Store Visit:

If you are travelling from afar and are coming to the store, please email us if you have particular items you need. We normally carry a wide selection of articles, colours and sizes, but we can ensure to have specific items requested available in time for your visit. For non Eu members visiting the store we offer a Tax refund service via Global Blue. For further information visit the Global Blue website.

Sales & Service

Phone: (+39) 039 322486
Fax: (+39) 039 2497788
Tue-Sat:10:00 am-6:00 pm
Closing day: Monday

Business Enquiries

Phone: (+39) 039 322486
Fax: (+39) 039 2497788
Tue-Fri:1:00 pm-6:00 pm

Dialling Italy:

Please note the Monza area code "0" in "039", contrarily to other European countries, does need to be dialled for Italy.

Driving Tip:

If you have Gps we suggest using this address: Street: Via Enzo Ferrari, Town: Vedano al Lambro. This brings you to the correct entry to Monza Park where the Race Track main gates are situated .