Omp Race Gloves
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Omp One Art Yellow Glove 

newONE ART Gloves
This model of glove can be customized through the use of images, photos and color blendings. This peculiar feature is possibIe thanks to the proprietary technology “OMP Print Art”. In order to outline what spaces are at the customer’s disposal for personalization, we show you the exploded view of those areas
Sizes: XS-XL
FIA 8856-2000

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Omp One Evo Glove

Professional fireproof HI - TECH gloves based on F1 tecnology. Precurved for best fitting. Diagonal cut on the wrists + elastic bend on the wrists. Inside seams on thumbs and forefingers for highest precision on the controls, external seams on palm, middlefinger, ringfinger and pinkie for maximum comfort.
Sizes: XS-XL
FIA 8856-2000
Navy/White/Cyan (IB/759/BW)
Yellow Fluo (IB/759/GF)
Black/White (IB/759/N)
White/Black (IB/759/W)

€ 143,00 + tax

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Omp One-S guanti 

Fireproof precurved top level gloves. Diagonal cut on the wrists + elastic band on the wrists. Competely external seams for maximum comfort, fire retardant silicone rubber palm. Modern design.
Sizes: XS-XL
FIA 8856-2000 & SFI 3.3/5
Black/Green (IB/755E/NV)
Black/White/Red (IB/755E/N/XX) Red/black/White (IB/755E/R/XX) Blue/Black/White (IB/755E/B/XX) White/Black/Silver (IB/755E/W/XX) Black/White/Green (IB/755E/NV/XX)
Yellow Fluo (IB/755E/GF/XX)

€ 122,00 + tax

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Omp tecnica Evo My2018

newFire retardant silicone rubber palm for optimized grip and sensitivity, with localized leather inserts that provide impact protection to pressure points areas. Adjustable velcro strap closure for snug fitting at the wrist.
Sizes: XS-XL
FIA 8856-2000
Black (IB/756E/N)
Red/Black (IB/756E/R)
White/Black (IB/756E/W)
Blue Navy/Cyan (IB/756E/BC)
Anthracite/Yellow Fluo (IB/756E/NGI)

€ 109,00 + tax

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Omp Tecnica S My 2018

newStrong and comfortable glove made of stretch fire resistant fabric. Contoured suede palm and grip inserts on fingers ensure unparalleled grip and comfort on the wheel. Internal seams, padded reinforcement on knuckles, straight cut. Ideal for drivers and mechanics.
Sizes: S-XL
FIA 8856-2000
Black/bianco (IB/764/N)
Rosso/bianco( IB/764/R)
Blu royal/giallo fluo (IB/764/BGI)
Giallo fluo /nero (IB/764/GF)

€ 89,00 + tax

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omp first evo gloves 

Light and resistant glove with elastic band on the wrist, straight cut design, inner seams. Leather reinforcements on the top of the fingers and silicone palm for best grip and sensitivity.
Sizes: XS-XL
FIA 8856-2000

Nero/Giallo (IB/757E/NGI)
Rosso (IB/757E/R)
Blu/Ciano (IB/757E/BC)
Nero (IB/757E/N)

€ 79,00 + tax

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FIRST- S MY 2018


newFIRST-S Gloves my2018 Strong and comfortable racing gloves with internal seams. Palm in high grip silicon rubber, straight cut wrist. Excellent quality/price ratio, modern and fresh design.
Sizes: XS-XL
FIA 8856-2000
Blu (IB/761E/B/XX)
Nero (IB/761E/N/XX)
Rosso (IB/761E/R/XX)

€ 59,00 + tax

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Omp New Rally

Unpadded grey suede leather palm and Nomex back. Good quality at an economical price. Complying with ISO 6940
Red (IB/702/R/XX)
Blue (IB/702/B/XX)
Black (IB/702/N/XX)
Sizes EU S - L.
ISO 6940

€ 56,00 + tax

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